Trym Quilting
Long Arm Quilting Service

Quilt Preparation


  - Square the quilt top and backing    

  - Check all seams for gaps or loose stitches.

  - Trim all loose threads from the quilt top and the backing.

  - Press the quilt top making sure that the seams lie as flat as possible. For 

    in-the-ditch quilting, the seams need to be pressed consistently to one   


 -  Mark the quilt top if it is directional. A sheet of paper or a piece of fabric

    can be safety pinnedon the top edge as a simple indicator.

 -  If the outside border is pieced, please stay stitch 1/8th inch from the edge

    to stabilise and prevent distortion when the quilt is mounted on the frame.

    Stay stitching will be charged at £10.00.

 -  Do not pin or baste layers together as each layer is loaded separately on

    the quilting frame. 

 -  Remove all embellishments, beading or buttons. Trimmings should be  

    added after the quilt has been machined quilted.


Finished quilt dimensions may vary slightly from original pieced top dimensions due to “pull in” caused by the machine stitching process.